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Ruta Nacional 12 km 1640 3370 Puerto Iguazú Misiones

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11 de Septiembre y Luis María Argaña 7000 Ciudad del Este


Having 5000 inhabitants after the last census, Rio negro is deemed a small town. It is based in the Mato Grosso do Sul State (Brazil).

There's no casino in Rio negro and that is a shame! But no reason to worry, there are some incredible casinos nearby, including Grand Casino Iguazu & Resort Spa, Acaray Hotel Casino Ciudad Del Este, Trésor Casino San Javier, Casino Club Posadas and Trésor Casino Apostoles.

Combined with taking good care of the tables, the croupiers are there to help make the principles clear if you would like them to do that. So if you find you don't recognise the rules of Blackjack, Poker or Roulette, there is no need to be shy, the rules of these traditional games will very soon become clear!

Whether it's boasting an LCD screen or simply standard, there are all sorts of separate slot games. But the significant thing is not what type it is, it's the prize pot of course! A few cents will be an adequate amount to take part, so come along and have a try!

As you most probably know, Rio negro comes with a deep past and a wealth of monuments and fascinating places to uncover. Give some consideration to picking a guide prior to arriving, then you can be informed about all the enjoyable things which make up the wonders of Rio negro.

With such a massive amount of choice, (bars, shops, shows and restaurants, etc.), you won't be bored when you're in Rio negro!

When you stop by places in Rio negro, don’t miss Rio do Peixe Falls, Camara Municipal De Rio Negro, Aldeia Indígena Tatuyo, Aparecido Jose and Pizzaria PONTO CHIC.

The local culinary delicacies are really worth tasting. Make the most of your stay and make sure you try and discover them.

If you enjoy a party, make certain you don't miss the wealth of clubs and bars you’ll come across in the heart of Rio negro. You're sure to enjoy yourself with the cheerful locals of Rio negro!