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Beira Casino Marina & The Golden Peacock Resort

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Sofala, Urbano 1, Bairro Estoril, Rua Carlos Pereira Talhao n° 16. - Beira Cidade

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Colony Club Casino Blantyre

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Mpatsa Square, Kidney Crescent - BLANTYRE

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Manica Sun Casino Mutare

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Cnr Aerodrome Rd/3rd Street, 00000, Mutare


With 192800 inhabitants after the last census, Quelimane is a big town. It is found in the Zambezie Province (Mozambique).

You won't come across a casino in Quelimane. But Beira Casino Marina & Golden Peacock Resort, Colony Club Casino Blantyre and Manica Sun Casino Mutare are really close.

On top of taking care of the gambling tables, the croupiers are available to clarify the rules if you'd like them to. So if you find you do not know the rules of Roulette, Poker or Blackjack, don't be hesitant, the concepts of these historical games will quickly be extremely clear!

When speaking about casinos, we always see slot games. They have for an extended time been the leading attraction of casinos and it's fairly obvious why. The minimum bet is only a couple of cents but the jackpot can be immense.

The town of Quelimane has many cultural and historic attractions. This is an ideal opportunity to discover the deep culture and history it contains.

Quelimane is fortunate enough to have lots of places: bars, shops, shows and entertainment, etc. You surely won't get bored!

While you’re in Quelimane, don’t neglect Zalala Beach, Quelimane Cathedral, Conselho Municipal de Quelimane, Rafa Cybercafe and Av. Marginal, Qlm.

Treat yourself to the local culinary specialities. You're certain to find them remarkable.

With a warm, friendly and festive ambience, Quelimane is perfect for a great night out. What’s more, you're sure to have a magnificent time at the town centre’s clubs and bars all the way through to the end of the night…