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Palacio Royal Casino Piura

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Av. Ayacucho 246 73 Piura

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Palacio Royal Casino Chiclayo

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Av. Elías Aguirre 598 74 Chiclayo

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Palacio Royal Casino Trujillo

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The town of Piura is found in the Piura Region (Peru). Containing 421000 inhabitants, it is regarded as a big town.

The established casino Palacio Royal Casino Piura in Piura as expected supplys many kinds of betting tables plus plenty of slot games. But were you aware that concerts, surprise games or snack foods are organised all year?

In addition to looking after the gambling tables, the croupiers are additionally there to make the procedures clear if you would like them to do so. So even when you do not recognise the procedures of Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, you shouldn't be nervous, the rules of these traditional games will quickly become clear!

Whether it's with a display screen or just ordinary, there are all types of separate slot games. But the important thing isn't its aesthetics, it's without a doubt the jackpot! A few cents will be an adequate amount to play, so come and try your luck!

As is true for most seaside areas, in Piura you're able to enjoy chilling out, the beach, water sports and of course, exciting days at the casino! Going for a walk is another fun activity as you'll come across lots of bars and shops to really make your stay memorable.

As you most probably know, Piura has a strong past and various monuments and interesting places to go to. Consider acquiring a guide prior to arriving, then you'll be able to brush up on all the many delightful things which make up the parts of Piura.

One thing is for sure, there's no way that you could get bored in Piura with all the activities that are frequently organised, relaxation activities to try as well as the bars and shops dotted all over the town.

If you're wanting to fully check out Piura, there are things which you certainly must try, specifically Tortugas en el Muelle de El Ñuro, Plaza de Armas, Vichayito Beach, Basilica Catedral de Piura and Casa Museo Almirante Miguel Grau!

The regional gastronomic treats are really worth trying. Get the best out of your stay and enjoy tasting and discovering them.

Boasting a festive and friendly ambience, Piura is optimal for a big night out. Additionally, you’ll have a great time at the town's clubs and bars deep into the night…