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off Kawthoung, - Thahtay Kyun


Patong is positioned in the Phuket Province (Thailand). It’s medium town, consisting of a total 20000 residents.

There is no casino in Patong and that is a shame! But there's no need to stress, there are a number of incredible casinos close by, like Andaman Casino Thahtay Kyun, Resorts World Malaysia Genting Highlands, Holiday Casino Palace Sihanoukville, Fortuna Casino Sihanoukville and Diamond Sea Hotel & Casino Sihanoukville.

In most casinos, you'll have no difficulty finding conventional tables like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and often many others, for that matter. If you are uneasy about getting started alone, you can always approach a croupier for support. They'll be happy to show you the basics.

Whether it's standard or with an LCD screen, there are all sorts of different slot machine games. But the relevant thing is not what it looks like, it's most definitely the prize pot! A few cents will be adequate to play, so come and try it out!

What's truly brilliant about a seaside destination like Patong, is that you can have a gripping time at the casino, test out water sports and truly relax. Not to mention the choice of strolling down the local roads brimming with an array of stores and stopping for a drink in the bars and restaurants.

There are a great deal of monuments and intriguing locations in Patong. Truly get involved in your stay and have fun visiting them!

One thing is for sure, there's really not a way that you could get bored in Patong with the magnificent activities that are regularly put together, recreational experiences that you can try and also the shops and restaurants spaced out about town.

If you intend to properly take in all of Patong, there are some things that you truly must try, chiefly Freedom Beach, Tri Trang Beach, Patong Beach, Game Space Laser Battle and Bangla Road!

Enjoy the regional culinary wonders. You're certain to find them unforgettable.

If you enjoy partying, do not miss the decent quantity of nightlife spots and clubs to be discovered in the heart of Patong. You're sure to have fun with the friendly locals of Patong!