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Myawaddy Complex 999, 00000 Myawaddy


Positioned in Myanmar, (in the Ayeyarwady Region), Pathein is a big town containing some 246000 inhabitants.

There's no casino in Pathein and that’s a pity! But there is no need to worry, there are some fabulous neighbouring gambling venues, including Myawaddy Casino Complex, Allure Resort & Casino Tachileik, Kings Romans Casino Bokeo, Andaman Casino Thahtay Kyun and Dansavanh Nam Ngum Casino Vientiane.

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In Pathein, you're likely to have an extraordinary time finding the shops and many restaurants and bars. To truly get the most out of of your visit, you can enjoy dividing your time between the beach and water sports!

Get the best from your stay in Pathein and explore its architectural heritage. You're certain to see, the history of this town is truly exciting!

Pathein is a true heaven for holidaymakers! Without doubt, besides its bars and shops, Pathein has a lot to keep you occupied with all the entertainment and shows on offer to you.

If you would like to fully see Pathein, there are things that you definitely must try, specifically Travel To Pathein, Goyangyi Island, Gaw Yan Gyi Island, Pathein Musium and Pathein Township!

The regional culinary treats are really worth trying. Make the best of your trip and enjoy sampling and discovering them.

In Pathein, you'll have a splendid experience in the town's many nightlife havens and bars. Partying is the tradition here, and tourists enjoy a wonderful welcome from the local people. You'll certainly love this warm and friendly experience.