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Cash Ville, 00000, Burabay District


Omsk can be discovered in the Siberian district (Russia). It’s big town, with a populace 1,18 million occupants.

There is not a casino in Omsk and that’s a pity! But there's no need to be worried, there are some magnificent gambling venues nearby, like Cashville Casino, Altai Palace Casino, Aladdin Casino & Hotel Kapchagay, Royal Plaza Hotel & Casino Kapchagay and Flamingo Casino Kapchagay.

In a casino, you’ll generally find the well-known regular games: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etc. Don’t be shy to seek advice from a croupier if you are in need of assistance. They can describe the rules to you extensively.

Whether it's boasting a display screen or simply ordinary, there are countless sorts of assorted slot machines. But the most pressing thing is not its aesthetics, it's without doubt the prize! A small quantity of cents will be plenty to be involved, so come and visit and play!

Get the best out of your stay in Omsk and witness its architecture. You’ll learn, the history of this town is rather amazing!

Omsk is a true haven for people enjoying holidays! Without doubt, in addition to its restaurants and bars, Omsk has lots to keep you engaged with all the shows, activities and entertainment available to you.

So, in order to truly get the very most out of Omsk, don't fail to visit Monument to Stepan, the Plumber, Assumption Cathedral (Uspenskij sobor), Omsk Drama Theater, Statue Lyuba and Arena Omsk as they're crucial things to take in!

Try out the local dishes, you definitely won't regret it!

In Omsk, you will have an exceptional experience in the beautiful town's many bars and clubs. To celebrate is customary here, and tourists enjoy a warm welcome from the locals. You'll certainly delight in this friendly and warm experience.