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Casino de l'Hotel de l'Amitié Bamako

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Avenue Pasteur Bamako, 00000, Bamako


Mopti can be discovered in the Mopti district (Mali). It is big town, containing a populace 114000 occupants.

There isn't a casino in Mopti. But Casino De L'Hotel De L'Amitié Bamako, Poipet Princess Crown Casino, Millionaires Casino Kumasi, Millionaires Casino Accra & Golden Tulip Hotel and Golden Dragon Casino Tema are somewhat close by.

In a gambling establishment, you’ll usually come across the notable established games: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc. Don’t be nervous about asking a croupier for information. They can describe the rules to you in detail.

Whether it's standard or with a display screen, there are several sorts of different slot machines. But the most relevant thing isn't what it looks like, it's of course the prize pot! A few cents will be sufficient to play, so come and try it out!

There are a great deal of interesting areas and monuments in Mopti. Truly enjoy your stay and have fun exploring them!

With so many options, (bars, shops, shows and leisure activities, etc.), you're unlikely to be bored whilst you're in Mopti!

If you'd like to fully check out Mopti, there are things that you absolutely must try, in particular Bandiagara Cliffs (Dogon Country), Grand Mosque of Mopti, FB Night Club Mopti, Sigui Bar-dancing and Amadou Djiga!

Native gastronomic delicacies are very much worth a try. Make the most of your trip and enjoy discovering and sampling them.

Promising a friendly and warm ambience, Mopti is ideal for a big evening out. What’s more, you will have a magnificent time at the town's bars and clubs deep into the night…