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Lilongwe Casino Marina & The Golden Peacock Hotel

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Area 13, Plot 97, Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel Complex, New City Centre - Lilongwe

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Colony Club Casino Blantyre

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Mpatsa Square, Kidney Crescent - BLANTYRE


The town of Lilongwe can be discovered in the Lilongwe district (Malawi). With 782000 inhabitants, it is thought of as a big town.

Unfortunately, you won't discover a casino in Lilongwe. There are, having said that, nearby venues like Colony Club Casino Blantyre, Leopard Rock Casino, Hala Montclair Resort And Casino, Regency Casino Harare & Rainbow Towers Hotel, and Harare Sun Casino Exhibition Park.

In a casino, you’ll usually discover the popular regular games: Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, etc. Don’t worry about consulting the croupier for instructions. They can describe the rules to you extensively.

Video rollers and video poker will give you the chance to win gigantic rewards. All the way from the latest generation to the more conventional games, there's a lot of fun to be had for everyone no matter how much you're playing with. In fact, minimum bets are often just a couple of cents. That’s most likely why slot machines have for a long time remained the superstars of the casino!

You will notice a wealth of monuments and interesting locations in Lilongwe. Get the best out of your stay and have a huge amount of fun discovering them!

Lilongwe is a true haven for holidaymakers! Of course, as well as its shops and restaurants, Lilongwe has plenty to keep you occupied with all the entertainment and shows at your disposal.

In order to get the best out of Lilongwe, don't miss Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Kumbali Cultural Village, Parliament Building, Nature Sanctuary and World War I Memorial because they're vital things to see!

The regional culinary treats are really worth savouring. Make the best of your stay and enjoy sampling and discovering them.

If you enjoy socialising, you'll love the clubs and bars in the middle of Lilongwe! The locals enjoy the chance to party and they adore welcoming tourists and revealing to them the regional traditions.