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Entrance Road Mulifanua 00000


Possessing 3000 inhabitants at the last count, Leone is deemed a small town. It is found in the Samoa district (United States).

Leone hasn't got its own casino but there is no need to worry, you can always just head for White Sands Casino Samoa which is quite close by.

Combined with tending to the tables, the croupiers are always there to help you to learn about the procedures if you'd like them to. So even if you find you don't know the procedures of Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, there is no need to be nervous, the methods and procedures of these classic games will soon enough be extremely clear!

When mentioning casinos, we straight away see slot machines. They have for a very long time been the principal appeal of casinos and it's fairly obvious why. The minimum bet is only a couple of cents but the prize can be mammoth.

The location of Leone has countless historical and cultural places. This is a perfect opportunity to check out the abundant culture and history it contains.

With so many fantastic options, (bars, shops, restaurants and shows, etc.), you won't be getting bored during your stay in Leone!

In Leone, you will have a fantastic time in the town's many clubs and bars. To celebrate is traditional here, and guests receive a friendly welcoming from the natives. You'll undoubtedly delight in this friendly and warm experience.