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Baydar Street, Ponghtoon Quarter Tachileik Town Ship, Union of Myanmar - Tachileik

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Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, 00000, Bokeo,


Containing 5000 inhabitants after the previous count, Lashio is deemed a small town. It can be discovered in the Shan Region (Myanmar).

Lashio doesn’t actually have its very own casino but that's nothing to fret about. Luckily, Allure Resort & Casino Tachileik, Kings Romans Casino Bokeo, Aristo International Club Casino & Hotel, Myawaddy Casino Complex and Dansavanh Nam Ngum Casino Vientiane are somewhat close.

Along with taking care of the gaming tables, the croupiers are available to make the rules clear if you'd like them to do so. So if you find that you don't know the procedures of Blackjack, Poker or Roulette, you shouldn't be unsure, the ways and rules of these classic games will soon be clear!

Whether it's boasting an LCD screen or simply standard, there are all kinds of different slot games. But the significant thing is not what kind it is, it's the jackpot without doubt! A couple of cents will be a sufficient amount to play, so come by and play!

Make the most of your visit in Lashio and see its architectural mastery. You’ll find out, the history of this town is truly exciting!

Lashio is blessed to have many attractions: bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment, etc. Don't fret, you won't be bored!

In order to get the best out of Lashio, make certain you don't forget Myanmar Adventure Outfitters, Wat Yai Dao Ao, Lashio Hot Springs, Thatana 2500 Pagoda and Pagode Sasana (Pyilon Chanta) as they are real must-sees!

As it is in pretty much all regions throughout the world, you'll get the opportunity to taste some conventional regional foods and trust us, you'll find them insatiably good!

Offering a friendly and festive setting, Lashio is ideal for an unbelievable night out. What’s more, you’ll have a great time at the town's bars and clubs deep into the night…