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Ivory Coast

Boulevard Hassan II 08 Bp 01 Abidjan 08 - Abidjan


The beautiful place of Korhogo can be discovered in the Savanes Region (Ivory Coast). Holding 226000 inhabitants, it is classed as a big town.

There isn’t a casino in Korhogo and that’s regrettable! But do not stress, there are some fabulous neighbouring gambling venues, such as Casino De L'Hotel De L'Amitié Bamako, Millionaires Casino Kumasi, Palm Spring Casino Monrovia, Oceano Casino Monrovia and Millionaires Casino Accra & Golden Tulip Hotel.

In most casinos, you'll have no issue finding traditional gaming tables like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and often a great variety of others, for that matter. If you're not comfortable getting started on your own, you can ask a croupier for help. They'll be keen to teach you the basic concepts.

When chatting about casinos, we quickly see slot games. They've long been the star of casinos and it's obvious why. The minimum bet is only a small number of cents but the jackpot can be gigantic.

You'll discover a wealth of monuments and interesting locations in Korhogo. Make the most of your visit and have a huge amount of fun visiting them!

With so much choice, (bars, shops, restaurants, leisure activities and shows, etc.), you won't be bored during your visit in Korhogo!

So, to truly get the most out of Korhogo, don't fail to visit Mosquée de Korhogo and Musée Péléféro Gon COULIBALY because they are vital things to see!

Have a sample of the local food, you will certainly not regret it!

If you enjoy a party, make sure you do not miss the wealth of nightlife havens, clubs and bars to be discovered in the heart of Korhogo. You're sure to have a great time with the cheerful locals of Korhogo!