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Casino de l'Hotel de l'Amitié Bamako

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Avenue Pasteur Bamako, 00000, Bamako


Found in Mali, (in the Kayes district), Kayes is indeed a big town which holds some 128000 inhabitants.

Kayes hasn't got its very own casino but there's no reason to worry. Thankfully, Casino De L'Hotel De L'Amitié Bamako, Terrou Saly Casino M'Bour, Casino Du Port Dakar, Café De Rome Casino Dakar and Casino & Resort Terrou-Bi - Dakar are quite nearby.

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The location of Kayes has numerous historical and cultural places. This is an ideal opportunity to explore the rich past and culture it holds.

Kayes is blessed to have quite a few places to see: bars, shops, shows and entertainment, etc. Don't be concerned, you won't be bored!

There are a wide variety of recommended places to visit in Kayes but probably the most well-known are undoubtedly National Park of La Boucle du Baoulé, National Park of Kouroufing, National Park of Wango and National park of Bafing.

Enjoy the regional culinary wonders. You're sure to find them difficult to forget.

If you love to party, don’t miss the abundance of bars and clubs you’ll discover in the heart of Kayes. You're sure to enjoy yourself with the cheerful local residents of Kayes!