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Avenue Munua 632, Quartier Golf Méteo, 00000, Lubumbashi


Containing 169000 inhabitants at the most current census, Kasama is thought to be a big town. It can be found in the Kasama Province (Zambia).

There isn’t a casino in Kasama and that is unfortunate! But no need to stress, there are a number of fabulous neighbouring casinos, like Salut Casino Lubumbashi, Royale Casino Lusaka, Harlequins Casino Lusaka, Diamond Casino Lusaka and Majestic Casino Lusaka.

Are you aware of the rules of Poker, Blackjack and Roulette? It matters very little: the croupiers are constantly there to help you out. They'll explain the procedures to you through the course of the game and you're bound to quickly begin to enjoy it.

Whether it's standard or with an LCD screen, there are many types of different slot games. But the important thing isn't what sort it is, it's without any doubt the jackpot! A small quantity of cents will be an adequate amount to play, so come by and have a go!

The location of Kasama has a variety of historic and cultural places to see. This is an optimal opportunity to uncover the deep past and culture it holds.

Kasama is lucky enough to have lots of places to see: bars, shops, entertainment and restaurants, etc. You surely won't be bored!

If you'd like to properly see Kasama, there are things that you certainly must see, particularly Chishimba Falls and Kasama Cathedral.

Have a taste of the local dishes, you won’t regret it!

If you love to celebrate, don’t miss the decent quantity of bars and nightlife havens to be found in the heart of Kasama. You can enjoy yourself with the cheerful locals of Kasama!