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Palacio Royal Casino Arequipa

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Calle Mercaderes 112 4000 Arequipa

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Palacio Royal Casino Tacna

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Av. San Martín 773 23500 Tacna

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Casino Arica

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Avenida General Velásquez 955 1000000 Arica


Juliaca can be found in the Juliaca Region (Peru). It is big town, holding a total 226000 residents.

There aren't any casinos in Juliaca. But Palacio Royal Casino Arequipa is nearby.

As well as taking excellent care of the tables, the croupiers are also there to explain the rules if you'd like them to do that. So when you don't know the rules of Roulette, Blackjack or Poker, there is no need to be shy, the rules of these conventional games will quickly be extremely clear!

Traditional rollers and slot machines will all give you an opportunity to secure big gains. From the most current generation to far more traditional games, there's something for everybody no matter how much you're playing with. In fact, the minimum bets are typically only a few cents. That’s most likely why slot games have long been the most popular at the casino!

As you're most likely already aware, Juliaca has a rich past and many monuments and remarkable locations to go to. Give some thought to selecting a guide prior to showing up, then you'll be able to brush up on all the enjoyable things which go to comprise the wonders of Juliaca.

Something is beyond doubt, there really isn't a way to get fed up in Juliaca with all the entertainment that is routinely put together, relaxation activities which you can try in addition to the bars and restaurants dotted about town.

To really experience Juliaca, don't fail to see Church of Santa Catalina, Church of Grâce, Couvent franciscain, Christ blanc and Capachica Peninsula as they're crucial things to take in!

Local gastronomic wonders are genuinely worth trying. Get the most out of your stay and enjoy discovering and sampling them.

If you enjoy a party, don’t skip the wealth of nightlife havens and bars to be found in the centre of Juliaca. You can have a great time with the pleasant locals of Juliaca!