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Rua Camâra Leme, Provincía do Huíla 58 Lubango

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76 Prace Joao Paulo II, Centre Comerical Millennium, 00000, Lubango


Having 2,2 million inhabitants after the last count, Huambo is considered a big town. It is based in the Huambo Province (Angola).

Huambo hasn't yet built its very own casino but there is no need to worry. In fact, Imperador Bingo Benfica Casino Lubango, Olimpia Casino Lubango, Viana Casino Luanda, Imperador Morro Bento Casino Luanda and Casino Brasilia Luanda are pretty close.

In a gambling establishment, you’ll generally see the popular traditional games: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc. Don’t be concerned about approaching a croupier for pointers. They can clarify the basic principles to you extensively.

Whether it's with a display screen or just ordinary, there are countless sorts of different slot machines. But the significant thing is not its looks, it's of course the jackpot! A few cents will be an adequate amount to play, so come and try it out!

As you're most likely aware, Huambo boasts a deep history and various monuments and intriguing sites to go to. Give some consideration to choosing a guide before showing up there, then you can learn about all the many delightful things that make up the wonders of Huambo.

With such a huge amount of choice, (bars, shops, restaurants and leisure activities, etc.), you're not likely to get bored during your stay in Huambo!

There is a location you must check out in Huambo: Catedral do Huambo.

Sample the regional culinary wonders. You'll find them difficult to forget.

Boasting a festive and friendly atmosphere, Huambo is ideal for a big evening out. What’s more, you’ll have an astonishing time in the town's clubs and bars right the way through to the end of the night…