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Bhimdatta Municipality 4, 10400, Mahendranagar


Gurgaon is a dynamic city situated just southwest of Delhi in the Indian state of Haryana. It is a prominent city known for its commerce and IT industries. Often referred to as the "Millennium City" due to its rapid growth, Gurgaon teems with a population of more than 1.25 million.

Currently, no legal casinos operate within Gurgaon or most parts of India due to the national gambling prohibitions. However, the city offers various entertainment avenues. Card lovers can try options like poker clubs, which focus on skill-based games rather than games of chance.

Those seeking a casino experience may look away towards neighbouring cities. Bordering northern India, Nepal offers casinos like Tiger Palace Resort & Casino and Casino Mahjong & Hotel in Bhairahawa and Kathmandu. However, these destinations are several hours away by plane from Gurgaon.

Nearby cities : New Delhi (17mi.), Jaipur (130mi.), Lucknow (263mi.), Bali (322mi.), Butwal (394mi.), Pokhara (422mi.), Islamabad (433mi.), Ahmedabad (466mi.), Daman (615mi.), Kabul (624mi.)