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Altai Palace Casino

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Altai Krai, 00000, Gorno-Altaysk


Based in Russia, (in the Altai Republic district), Gorno-Altaysk is a big town containing a total figure of 56900 inhabitants.

There is only one casino well established in Gorno-Altaysk: Altai Palace Casino. It provides a broad variety of gaming tables and slot machines. It additionally offers poker tournaments and entertainment all year, (shows, special nights, happy hours, snacks, competitions and surprises, etc.).

Coupled with taking exemplary care of the gaming tables, the croupiers are always available to explain the rules if you would like them to do so. So even when you don't know the rules of Blackjack, Poker or Roulette, there's no need to be hesitant, the ways and principles of these historical games will very soon be crystal clear!

When mentioning casinos, we promptly see slot machines. They have long been the star of casinos and it's clear why. The minimum bet is only a couple of cents but the jackpot can be tremendous.

You will see a great deal of monuments and fascinating places in Gorno-Altaysk. Truly relish your stay and have fun discovering them all!

With so many fantastic options, (bars, shops, restaurants and leisure activities, etc.), you won't be bored during your stay in Gorno-Altaysk!

There are a wide variety of must-see places in Gorno-Altaysk but the best known are definitely Belukha Mountain, Gorny Altai Museum, Anokhin Republican Museum of Local Lore, Tugaya Mountain and Kommunistichesky Prospekt Spring.

As in nearly all regions throughout the planet, you'll have the chance to taste some typical regional eating and trust us, you'll truly enjoy them!

In Gorno-Altaysk, you will have an excellent time in the stunning town centre's many clubs and nightlife havens. Partying is a tradition here, and holiday-makers enjoy a friendly welcome from the local residents. You'll definitely love this friendly and warm experience.