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Grand Turkmen Casino & Hotel Ashgabat

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50, Gorogly street Ashgabat, 744000, Ashgabat,


The town of Dasoguz is located in the Dasoguz Province (Turkmenistan). With 199500 inhabitants, it is considered a big town.

There are zero casinos in Dasoguz. But Grand Turkmen Casino & Hotel Ashgabat, Shangri La Casino Tbilisi, Iveria Casino Tbilisi & Radisson Blu Hotel, Adjara Casino Tbilisi & Holiday Inn Hotel and Parisian Casino Tsakhkadzor are very close.

Are you well-versed in the procedures of Roulette, Poker and Blackjack? It matters very little: the croupiers are constantly able to advise you. They'll clarify the procedures to you as the game moves along and you'll swiftly begin to have an astounding time.

When talking about casinos, we immediately think about slot machines. They have for a very long time been the star of casinos and it's very clear why. The minimum bet is simply a few cents but the prize pot can be massive.

As you're likely already aware, Dasoguz has a strong past and countless monuments and exciting locations to explore. Give some consideration to buying a guide before you get there, then you'll be able to brush up on all the fascinating things which go to make up the parts of Dasoguz.

With so much choice, (bars, shops, restaurants, leisure activities and shows, etc.), you won't be bored during your stay in Dasoguz!

When you travel to places in Dasoguz, don’t neglect Annau Archeology site, Near Bagir Village, City of Saraghs and Kara Kum Desert.

Enjoy the local gastronomic dishes, you will surely not regret it!

With a friendly and warm atmosphere, Dasoguz is ideal for a great evening out. Furthermore, you’ll have a magnificent time in the town centre’s bars and clubs deep into the night…