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Cash Ville, 00000, Burabay District


The impressive haven of Burabay can be discovered in the Akmola Region (Kazakhstan). Holding 5800 inhabitants, it is thought of as a small town.

In Burabay, there is a solitary casino: Cashville Casino. Along with slot games and gambling tables, this venue regularly coordinates poker competitions and activities such as special evenings, concerts, happy hours, snack foods, dinners and even surprise games.

In a casino, you’ll commonly find the well-known traditional games: Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, etc. Don’t be nervous about asking a croupier for pointers. They can explain the principles to you at length.

Whether it's classic or boasting an LCD screen, there are all sorts of assorted slot games. But the most pressing thing isn't its looks, it's the prize pot without a doubt! A couple of cents will be adequate to play, so come and try it out!

Get the best out of your stay in Burabay and explore its architectural beauty. You’ll realise, the history of this particular town is genuinely interesting!

Burabay is privileged to have quite a few places: bars, shops, shows and restaurants, etc. Don't be concerned, you won't get bored!

While you are in Burabay, do not miss Oblys d'Aqmola a, Eponyme Lake, Thermal Station of Bourabay, Kokchetaou and National Park of Bourabay .

Sample the local culinary specialities. You're sure to find them memorable.

With a festive and friendly ambience, Burabay is optimal for an exceptional night out. Furthermore, you are sure to have a magnificent time at the town centre’s bars and clubs right the way through to the end of the night…