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Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100 Perth


Located in Australia, (in the Western Australia State), Belmont is a small town containing a populace of 5100 inhabitants.

There is no casino in Belmont which is a shame! But do not be concerned, there is a fabulous neighbouring gambling venue, Crown Casino Perth.

In addition to handling the games, the croupiers are there to show you the rules if you would like them to do that. So even if you do not know the rules of Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, you shouldn't be stressed, the methods and principles of these classic games will very soon be clear!

Whether it's ordinary or boasting an LCD screen, there are countless types of separate slot games. But the significant thing isn't what it looks like, it's the prize pot of course! A few cents will be a sufficient amount to get involved, so come by and play!

As is true for most seaside places, in Belmont you can choose between the beach, water sports, chilling out and certainly, exhilarating days at the casino! Going for a wander is another interesting activity as you're bound to come across lots of bars and shops to really make your visit memorable.

As you most likely know, Belmont boasts a strong history and many monuments and interesting sights to uncover. Consider finding a guide before you get there, so you can brush up on all the exciting things which go to make up the parts of Belmont.

Something is beyond doubt, there is really not a way of getting bored in Belmont with all the entertainment that is regularly organised, leisurely activities which you can try and also the bars and shops spaced out about town.

In order to truly get the best out of Belmont, make sure that you do not overlook Tomato Lake, Lone Ranges Shooting Complex, SuperCars Perth, Kart World and Reading Cinemas as they're particular must-sees!

Sample the local culinary treats. You'll undoubtedly find them remarkable.

If you like meeting new people, you'll appreciate the clubs and nightlife havens in the middle of Belmont! The local residents love to party and they love welcoming tourists and revealing to them local traditions.