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Grand Turkmen Casino & Hotel Ashgabat

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50, Gorogly street Ashgabat, 744000, Ashgabat,


Situated in Turkmenistan, (in the Ashgabat Region), Ashgabat is undoubtedly a big town containing a populace of 910000 inhabitants.

There is only one casino well established in Ashgabat: Grand Turkmen Casino & Hotel Ashgabat. It supplies a broad range of gaming tables and slot machine games. It also offers poker tournaments and entertainment throughout the year, (special evenings, shows, happy hours, snacks, dinners and surprises, etc.).

In most casinos, you'll effortlessly come across classic tables like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and often a large range of others, for that matter. If you are uncomfortable getting started by yourself, you can ask a croupier for support. They'll be glad to show you the basic concepts.

Whether it's with an LCD screen or just classic, there are varied sorts of different slot machine games. But the most important thing isn't its appearance, it's the jackpot of course! A couple of cents will be enough to play, so come by and have a try!

Make the very most of your visit in Ashgabat and explore its architectural beauty. You’ll learn, the history of this particular town is very absorbing!

Ashgabat is fortunate enough to have multiple places: bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment, etc. Don't fret, you won't be bored!

When you check out places in Ashgabat, ensure that you do not forget to see Gypjak Mosque, Parthian Settlement of Nisa, Ashgabat National Museum of History, Unabhangigkeitsdenkmal and Turkmen Carpet Museum.

Enjoy the local culinary delights. You'll find them difficult to forget.

In Ashgabat, you'll have an exceptional time in the striking town centre's many bars and clubs. Partying is normal here, and people receive a friendly welcome from the local people. You'll without doubt take pleasure in this friendly and warm experience.