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Larnaka is a beautiful city on the southern coast of Cyprus known for its breathtaking, eco-friendly palm tree seafronts. With more than 155,000 people, the locals often affectionately refer to Larnaka as "Skala". This vibrant city boasts serene beaches, gorgeous palm trees, and a vibrant culture that draws visitors worldwide.

The city is home to a few top casinos, contributing to its reputation as an emerging gaming destination in Europe.

Cyprus Casino Larnaca is perhaps the best casino in Larnaka and the closest to the Larnaka International Airport, making it a prime tourist spot. Located just a 13-minute drive from the city center, this casino offers games like slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and poker.

Cyprus Casino Ayia Napa, while outside Larnaka, is a convenient option for those seeking a casino experience without venturing too far. Just a 41-minute drive from the city, this casino in the bustling resort city of Ayia Napa offers a vibrant gaming experience with numerous slots and table games. Its location in a major tourist hub ensures easy access for visitors, making it a must-visit for casino enthusiasts.

Gambling is legal in Larnaka city, and like in most cities of Cyprus, most importantly the legal gambling age in Cyprus is 18 years.

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