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Qatar is an Emirate with a population of 2,5 million.

Independent and non-associated with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, this peninsula is very wealthy country and full of gas resources.

Its climate is dry and arid; it is build as an oasis on the seashores, in the middle of the desert.

There is no casino in its territory, like the other Emirates and countries around.

People that wish to play to slot machines, Blackjack, Roulette or other poker, usually go abroad especially in Europe.

By the way, all-inclusive “High roller” trips can be organized to play in European casinos.

Qatar and its capital Doha, unlike many other Emirates, feature numerous historic vestiges and a still traditional way of life outside of its Downtown.

Thus, the Museum of Islamic Art, the SouqWalif or the Great Mosque must be visited during your stay.
The skyscrapers built from scratch have the advantages to make the city impressive and uncommon. Richness is marked and affirmed but make the whole scene very pleasant.

A walk along the cliff and the Marina are very agreeable.

The Villagio of Doha, with its revisited Venice, is an impressive center of shopping and other facilities.

The second municipality of Qatar is Al Rayyan that does not provide any casino.

Often criticized for its “too much”, Qatar likes to be put on the spotlight with the creation of several sport teams by naturalizing players from other countries.

By the way, it is here that will be organized the 2022 Soccer World Cup, in Winter, which will be a first.

There is no casino on the Qatari territory.

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