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Avenue Pasteur Bamako, 00000, Bamako

Mali is a country located in West Africa, in the south of Algeria. Its official language is French and its capital is Bamako. There are more than 15 million inhabitants in Mali.
The casino of the Hotel de l'Amitié in Bamako is the only establishment dedicated to games in the Malian territory. It is located a few meters from the banks of the Niger River. In addition to its games, the casino features a bar and a restaurant.
Although its territory is mainly located in the Sahelian and Saharan zones, Mali provides many captivating natural sites. The first of these remains the great National Park in Bamako. This popular place allows visitors and residents to enjoy a cool corner in the shade of beautiful trees and shrubs. Family walks, zoo, gyms and restaurants are possible.
The country of Dogon, meanwhile, allows leaving to meet remote landscapes populated by autochthons. It is an invitation to the discovery of exceptional landscapes made of caves, cliffs and dunes.
There are also traditional villages with their own cultures and customs. The capital Bamako remains the center of tourism activities.
The Grand Mosque, the Cathedral, the handicraft markets and the Grand Marché are experiences to discover throughout the year.
Besides the capital, other points of interest remain the Great Mosque of Djenné, the Medina Fort in the Kayes region or the banks of the Niger River.

Cities :

Bamako, Kayes, Koutiala, Mopti, Segou, Sikasso