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550 Maameltein Jounieh Liban 00000 Beyrouth

Lebanon is a country in Eastern Asia, part of the Middle East. Its Western coasts are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and it shares its borders with Syria and Israel. Its population is estimated at 4.8 million and its capital is Beirut.

The “casino of Lebanon” in Beyrouth is the single casino on the territory, located 22 kilometers North of Beirut. It is considered to be the largest gaming establishment in the Middle East with 350 slot machines, over 60 gaming tables, five restaurants, a theater and a nightclub.

Beirut is the most visited city by tourists in Lebanon. Its main points of interest are its souks, its national museum, Zaitunay Bay or the ancient ruins of the Roman Termes. At night, many bars and clubs open their doors and enliven the nightlife of the capital.

Besides Beirut, Lebanon possesses other remarkable places. Among them, the temples of Baalbek, the castle of Byblos or the church of Harissa of Louineh prove the exceptional cultural heritage of Lebanon.

Moreover, its natural landscapes are equally remarkable. The Qadisha Valley or the Al-Souf Nature Reserve are examples of this natural richness.

Cities :

Beirut, Sidon, Tyre