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Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Unfortunately, there is no casino on its territory because of a ban stated against Hong Kong. You won’t find any Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker here. To play, people can go to the casino cruise vessels or at Macau, another special administrative region whom possesses numerous casinos. It is located just one hour by ferry. Hong Kong is a megalopolis of 7 million inhabitants located in the South-East of China. Former British colony, it was, a long time ago, the nerve center of opium in the world. Totally urbanized nowadays, it is one of the places in the world to have the largest population per square kilometer.

It is composed of a wide array of island. The main ones are Lantau, Lamma, Honk Kong City and Kowloon, a part attached to the land. Lantau and Lamma are both residential oasis of calm inhabited mostly by expatriates.

There, you will see every weekend the foreigners practicing sailing, water sports and idleness on beautiful beaches. Hong Kong City is the economic heart. It became one of the most important trading places of the world. Huge buildings and large boutiques compose its streets. The main part, Kowloon, is the most representative to what China really is.

Inhabited by a population coming from all over the country to make a fortune here, it is crowded every hour of day and night. Only separated by a bridge of hundreds of meters from the “city”, the difference is very perceptible when you enter its guts.

Poverty is everywhere and it is here that you can find the “cave-men”, those Chinese who live by ten in some very small apartment. In contrary of what we can except from this crowded and unlivable place, it is listed among the best cities in the world to live in.

It is no surprise that the rents are quite high. There are so many things to see, from the center to the further places. The Victoria Peak is the number one attraction, because on its summit, an incredible panorama on the skyscrapers, the hills and the harbor is waiting for you. Do not forget your camera to immortalize the sunset.

The magnificent garden of Nan Lian on Kowloon will make you forget the effervescence of the city thanks to its superb flora. The Temple of the 10 000 Buddha is located not far form it and it is also a must-see. You will see, as its name indicates, thousand of statuettes of the Asian god during your climb or inside the temple.

It is a wonderful show. Notice that if you want to see it in a bigger size, reach Lantau for the visit of the Big Buddha built in bronze and measuring 112 feet. You will have the possibility to take a cable car and then appreciate a stunning panorama.

The walk on the harbor, the horse races of Happy Valley or even the convent of Chi Lin are other places to write down on your travel journal.

A minimum of 5 days is recommended to discover the main attractions of Hong Kong.

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