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Cuba is a big Island located South of Florida and off the coasts of Mexico. Its capital is La Havana and its population is more than 11 million. There is no casino or other gambling place in its territory.

Tourism is becoming the most important industry in Cuba. Rich from an exceptional culture and heritage, the country provides many places of exception. Speaking of which, several of those places are listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Fortress of the Old city of La Havana, the Vinales Valley, the first coffee plantation in the South-East, the San Pedro de la Roca Castle or the National Park Desembarco Del Granma.

The US embargo, that ended lately, allowed the country to keep its typical and traditional atmosphere. Thus, architecture, costumes and way of living are unique in this country.

Surrounded by the ocean, Cuba offers wonderful landscapes and beautiful beaches. The Varadero Beaches and the Paraison Beaches at Cayo largo are very special examples.

The islands of Cayo Saetia, Media Luna and Cayo Levisa are small heavens on earth tahnks to their long white sand beaches, turquoise waters, beaches hut and fishermen’s ports.

Cities :

Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Varadero