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Benin is located in West Africa, on the shores of the Gulf of Benin. It is surrounded by Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Togo. Its capital is Porto-Novo and its population is more than 10 million.

Former French colony, it gained its independence on August, 1st, 1960. The north of the country is covered with savannahs when the south is mainly composed of forests.

There is one gaming establishment on its territory. The casino Benin Marina & Hotel is located in the town of Cotonou. It provides 200 hotel-rooms with three restaurants, golf courses and sports facilities as well as a superb casino, where players can enjoy slot machines and many gaming tables like Roulette and Poker.

Its natural landscapes, traditions and reliefs make Benin an attractive tourist destination. The main places to discover are the Pendjari National Park, the Dantokpa Market in Cotonou, the Royal Palace in Porto-Novo, the walks around the Mono River or Fidjrosse Beach also located in Cotonou.