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Strandgatan 35 22100, Mariehamn

Aland is an autonomous region belonging to Finland. Its population is estimated at almost 30,000. It is an archipelago composed by 6,500 islands, at the entrance of the Golf of Botnia in the Baltic Sea.


There is one casino on its territory. Located in the capital Mariehamn, the PAF Casino features a large offer with slot machines and tables of Roulette, Blackjack and Oasis Stud Poker.


Natural landscapes are the main advantages of the archipelago, deeply marked by its maritime environment. The capital Mariehman is a charming port city characterized by its wooden houses and picturesque walks. One of the main points of interest is the discovery of the Pommern, a historic four-mast anchored close to the Maritime Museum.


Kökar is the second smallest municipality of Finland. It attracts visitors thanks to the ruins of a medieval Franciscan monastery. To get there, just take a ferry from Lumparland and enjoy the two and a half hours of crossing.


Another historical monument not to be missed is the castle of Kastelholm, whose earliest origins are dating back from 1388. Open from May to mid-September, it provides a collection of artworks. The maritime and flat landscapes of these islands allow you to enjoy a wide range of activities including cycling, kayaking, golf and hiking.