Loyalty program of the Partouche casino of Contrexeville

With your Players Plus card, benefit from exclusive advantages and discounts all year long.

Enjoy some interesting prices on shows, restaurants…But also, participate in exclusivity to the games of the Partouche casinos, and escape with the unique Evasion Offers in the group’s venues.

No need to show your ID to enter in the casino anymore, your Players Plus card replaces it. Then, your access to the gaming room is easier and faster.

The subscription is free and with no obligation! To subscribe, go to the casino’s front desk or the Players Plus space of the closest Partouche casino. The subscription is just a few minutes long and you will leave with your membership card.

To cumulate the most of euros Players, you must insert your card on the compatible slots; show it while paying your bill at the restaurant or the bar.

Spend your euro Players on the compatible slots or cashier, at the restaurant and bar while paying the bill, or exchange them for a selection of gifts available in your casino.


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