Loyalty program of the Joa casino of Luxeuil

Benefit from numerous advantages in every casino of the group, by being a member of the JOA Club.

Your membership card at the JOA Club is delivered in 5 minutes and it is totally free.

During the opening of your account, you will get free sport and horse-riding bets on www.joa.fr

To cumulate the most credits you must play on slots and gaming tables. Bet on the online games group website www.joa.fr. But also by showing you card while you pay your bill at the restaurant or at the bar.

Thanks to this membership card, you will win according to your credits free rounds at the slots and gaming tables. You can even pay you bill with your card.

As a member of the JOA Club, you will get a free access to the casino, with no ID required.

During events, you will receive VIP invitations (under eligibility conditions).


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