FREE ONLINE GAME "Multihand Deuces Wild"

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Discover this free video poker game from the Deuces Wild variant featured on a pleasant blue background.


The game principle is quite simple, after having bet by clicking on « Coins + or - », you get a hand of 5 cards.


Among these 5 cards, you select the ones you keep or exchange by clicking (a small « Hold » guarantee you the validation of the card).


After this selection, your second and last draw appears. It is the moment when you know if you won or not.


You need at least a three of a kind to win at the Deuces Wild.


The gain associated will be different according to your combinaison. The latter is written directly on the table.


The particularity of the Deuces Wild variant of video poker concerns the four 2 of the deck of cards that are considered as jack. They replace any card to create the best combinaison possible for you!


In case of gain, you can notice that a totally independent mini-game bonus, the « Quit or Double » is suggested. To accept it, click on « Gamble ».


In this case, you can choose between red, black, heart, spades, diamonds or clubs. If you win, your initial gain is multiplied by 2 for the color and 4 for the sign. You can play indefinitely as long as you have the right answer.


Careful, you lose all your gains, even the initial one, at the first mistake!


Last but not least: bet max as long as you can. A jackpot is available in case of Royal Fush!