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Here you are on a session of video Poker Jack’s or Better with jackpot!


It is the most simple video poker game, perfect for beginners.


After having bet and press Deal, you get 5 cards.


Then, you need to choose the cards you want to keep in order make the best of combinaison possible during the second draw.


Click on the cards that will be blocked « Hold » and press again on « Deal ».


Now, you have your final draw.


You will win at least with a pair of jack at the Jack’s or Better.


If it is the case, you will have access to a totally independent mini-bonus game, the « Quit or double ». To accept it, click on « Gamble ».


This mini-game will give you the opportunity to choose between red, black, heart, spades, diamonds or clubs. If you win, your initial gain will be multiplied by 2 for the color and by 4 for the sign.


To win the jackpot in this game, you just need to bet max and get a Royal Flush.