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The « Caribbean Stud Poker » or simply « Stud Poker » is one of the most simple games of the casino.


Played with a traditional deck of 52 cards, you’ll need to realize the best combinaison to win.


After having bet your « Ante », you will have the right to push on the button « Deal » and then get another 5 cards.


Following that, you can choose to « Bet » or fold. In the latter, you lose and start a new round again.


If you choose to « bet », two times your Ante bet could be won.


It is the moment when the croupier shows his cards and compares the two hands.


If you win, you get the croupier’s Ante and according your combinaison, several times your « Bet ».


The gains associated are shown on « Tables Limits ».


No stress, this Stud Poker game is free!