The construction of a casino in Viedma that will include a 54 room hotel, a food court, a convention centre for more than 500 people, a shopping centre has just begun.

A three year project

Viedma, the capital of the province of Río Negro, will be host of a large casino in its area.

The construction has begun just a few days ago and it is planned to last approximatively for 3 years.

This will happen in multiple stages while the traffic will be reduced around the site of construction.

During a hearing in February, the city demanded to Crown Casino, the operator of the future casino, that every road and lanes around the casino should be paved.

Crown is expected to invest a total of 450 million dollars in this casino that should host a 54 room hotel, a food court, a convention centre and a shopping centre.

At the same time, Crown asked and was granted an extension of its licences for its operations in Las Grutas, El Cóndor, Viedma, Cipolletti, Roca, Choele-Choel and Catriel for another 10 years.

Part of the site was previously owned by the local football club Sol de Mayo. Crown Casino agreed to get the two hectares of waterfront land in exchange of renovations of the football grounds, their swimming pool as well as other infrastructure works.

The province is aiming to increase its revenues thanks to the casino.