Sports betting and betting, in general, is a controversial topic in the United States. Yes, there are some states designed to cater to this industry, but most “residential” states that primarily focus on different types of production tend to outlaw any forms of sports betting unless its a governmentally approved exception.

West Virginia is just one of the states that more or less adhere to this type of governance.

Although the state passed the gambling legislature in 2018 allowing companies to register and ask for licenses it still has quite a “taboo” understanding of gambling, sports betting and anything that bears resemblance to games of chance.

This was very well expressed through the newest initiative in the state to start allowing voters to place bets on the 2020 presidential election, which usually takes off during the last rounds.

Now that everything has been pretty much decided and we’re down to only two candidates, people are more and more anxious to see who wins. This is especially the case this year as most of the United States is convinced that Trump will win again now that Bernie (the reportedly only worthy opponent of Trump) is out of the race.

Most American democrats believe that Joe Biden is simply not up to par with Trump’s political prowess.

Although betting may be possible in some states where it’s allowed, the governor of West Virginia turned down the possibility of it ever happening in his state.

Where the event takes place

On April 7th, West Virginia was highlighted in almost all of the United States’ leading news outlets when a story was done about a local company offering betting options for the upcoming 2020 elections. However, it was quickly noticed that the company immediately removed these betting options once the word was out.

It was later found out that, although the state of West Virginia was lenient towards other betting operations such as horse racing bets, sports bets and etc, it is clearly outlined in state law that betting on any local elections or votes is strictly prohibited.

The company tried to find a loophole in the system by focusing on the word “local”. Technically, by providing betting options on a Nation-wide election does provide some kind of “escape” from this very specific law, but the local lawmakers and government officials were having none of it.

The governor of West Virginia was heard saying that it was a laughable event that he didn’t really pay much attention to and moved on to more pressing matters immediately.

It is not clear whether the company will try to challenge this decision in court, considering that they do indeed have the technicality of the law itself in check. But it’s not really a good idea to sue the government in a time where their power is increasing during the pandemic.

Therefore, it’s very likely that citizens of West Virginia will not have “legal” access to election betting this year at least, as the company will not be able to challenge this decision and win.

Why was election betting called dangerous?

In his statement about election betting, the governor of West Virginia also called it extremely dangerous for the country. Why would he do that? It’s just simple betting, right? Well, not necessarily.

You see, match-fixing has already been seen in almost every sport type that was open to betting in the past.

Billions of dollars had been embezzled, people had lost all of their money just because the betting amount was just too much for a single company to overlook.

The governor was afraid that having such an easily accessible betting service on an event that almost every single American had information about would be extremely dangerous not only for the citizens’ financial situation, but also for the state of the elections as well.

We are all currently aware of how much the American political system is influenced by things such as lobbyists and various other things that could potentially affect it.

In fact, many people call the US election system one of the most unreliable systems in the developed world. Adding another factor to that untrustworthy nature would be a disaster for most politicians.

Although its almost impossible to influence an election with just betting volume there is a significant chance that it could be affected with the numbers that these companies display before the election.

For example, imagine that you are a citizen of West Virginia, and you are interested in finding out what your neighbors, and peers are going to vote for in 2020.

Looking at the national data charts is not necessarily the best thing to do as it’s always based on averages or probability. However, when it comes to betting companies, they can very easily determine what people believe and have it displayed much more accurately.

It is very easy to see how many people in West Virginia believe that Trump will win if they placed a bet on it. It’s very easy to see people’s true expectations through what they’re ready to dedicate money to, and betting is one of the few tools for this.

Will there ever be a national election betting program?

Although it’s very important to keep everything as privatized as possible in an economy like the United States, a government-controlled system could provide quite a significant advantage as there will not be a private company or an individual that will have the power of affecting the elections.

These types of programs can usually be seen in European countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, and Finland.

However, whether or not these projects managed to bring some kind of positive outcome for the economy or the people involved is yet to be determined.