The city council of Norfolk, which is the second-largest city in Virginia has concluded an agreement with the Pamunkey Indian Tribe to open a casino resort on a 13.25-acre land in which the city will be selling to the tribe for $10 million.

If you want a better breakdown of the numbers, that’s just $17.25 for a square foot.

The size of the casino

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe mentioned that there are two options for the resorts they will build on the newly purchased land.

The first option is a large resort which will require an investment of $700 million, feature a 500-room hotel, 4000 slots, 225 gaming tables and various other benefits for visitors.

This option would supply the town of Norfolk with $33 million in payments annually.

The other option is to build a smaller facility with 150 hotel rooms, 750 slots, and 25 gaming tables. This option would supply the town of Norfolk with just $3 million in annual payments.

Has the agreement been approved

The Norfolk City Council has already approved the sale of the land to the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, but that doesn’t mean there was no resistance at all.

The council concluded the vote with seven for and only one against the motion. However, the resistance can be seen much more clearly with the residents, who understandably don’t want a large scale casino in their back yards.

Considering that Norfolk is the second-largest city in Virginia, the casino should have a decent number of daily visitors.

The most controversial opposition was sighted with the Nansemond Indian Tribe who are putting the Pamunkey tribe’s claim to the land under question as they don’t believe it’s historical accuracy.

Regardless of the opposition though, the council has already concluded and the first round of investments will begin shortly.