After the Mexican Interior Ministry (SEGOB) decided to close around 100 casinos between 2012 and 2014 because of incomplete licenses, especially in Chiapas, Monterrey and Coahuila, new establishments will finally open in Mexico.

Indeed, Alfonso Pérez Lizaur, president of the Mexican gaming organization APPJS (Asociación de Permisionarios y Proveedores de Juegos y Sorteos) announced the opening of 25 new casinos before the end of the year.

The Directorate General of Gaming has already approved most of the licenses but the SEGOB has to pass a last inspection to these establishments. “We have 25 casinos ready to open, with all the investment made, pending approvals from the SEGOB.”

Businessman from the sector invested between $12m and $15m per new casino, which means between $300m and $375m in total.

To avoid closure, these casinos were thought in compliance with laws, including the Federal Betting and Raffles law, passed last December, and that prohibits casinos to feature multiple slots and betting lounges under a single license.