All slot games have a jackpot prize, but people look forward to the progressive jackpots because of their benefits. What is a progressive jackpot? This jackpot prize is the highest pay-out that keeps increasing whenever anyone plays a slot game.

The jackpots increase by a small amount until a lucky player wins the prize, and they could win up to a million dollars, maybe even more!

The games are available in both online and land-based casinos, and an example of a slot game with progressive jackpots is Mega Moolah. You can check out some of the top progressive jackpot games in the best casinos on WeGamble.

How Does a Progressive Jackpot Game Work?

Casinos that offer progressive jackpots on slot games always take a percentage of each bet and add it to the jackpot, sometimes displaying the amount boldly to convince others to play. The jackpot amount increases whenever anyone wagers a bet on the machine, and when the jackpot is won, the amount resets to a minimum level ($100,000)

The jackpots are won randomly, players are expected to wager a maximum amount to qualify, and slot machines take 10% of every wager to add to the progressive amount. 1% is used to fund the next reset amount, and the remaining 9% is used to fund the progressive amount until it reaches $100,000 (the minimum level).

Casinos do not generate money from the jackpot (they pay out the 100% into the reset and jackpot money). They generate money from extra players who constantly play the game to win. An anonymous android user won a progressive jackpot from Mega Moolah after betting 75 cents and winning €18,915,872.81! So you see, these games give massive payouts if you're lucky.

Types of Progressive Jackpots.

1. Standalone Progressive Jackpots.

Just as the name entails, this jackpot is not linked to any other slot machines, and it has a fixed price. The jackpot prize is usually smaller than other linked machines because it is one machine. A percentage of the bet wagered is taken and added to the jackpot, and the sum (meter) is displayed on the machine.

2. In-house Progressive Jackpots.

Also known as local jackpot/ Proprietary Progressive Slot, they are linked together in a land-based casino. The casino owns the machines, and the jackpot prizes of an in-house jackpot give are considerable amounts. The prize is not fixed. The more you wager, the more it increases. At online casinos, the in-house jackpot is connected across 1-5 games.

3. Wide Area Progressive Jackpots.

If you are the type that is looking forward to a life-changing win, then you should try your luck for this type of jackpot. They are machines that are linked together across various casinos. A percentage of every bet wagered enters into the progressive jackpot regardless of the casino you are playing from. You could win millions of dollars if you hit this jackpot, but remember that the chance of winning is very small.

Top Progressive Jackpot Games

Now that you know the definition and types of progressive jackpot games, you should know the games to look out for. These games are classified into two types; land-based and online casinos. They are also the top games because they give the best pay-outs, so try them out today.

Online Progressive Jackpot Games

  • Mega Moolah slot game
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • Queen of the Pyramids
  • Jackpot Piñatas
  • Mega Jackpot slot game
  • Stars and Triples
  • Omni slot
  • Spartan slot
  • Mega Ball

Land-based Progressive Jackpot Games

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Megabucks
  • Powerbucks
  • Monopoly Money
  • Reel adventures
  • Cash connection
  • Millionaire 777s

Some Progressive Jackpot Wins

  • On the 20th of January 2013, an anonymous Finnish man at Paf Casino won a jackpot of $17,860,868 while playing Mega Fortune.
  • In 2011, an anonymous Norwegian man won a jackpot of $13,470,000 while playing Mega Fortune.
  • On the 30th of January 2019, an anonymous person at Zodiac Casino won a jackpot of $20,057,734 while playing Mega Moolah.
  • On the 6th of October 2015, Jon Heywood at Betway won a jackpot of £13,212,882 while playing Mega Moolah.
  • On the 20th of October 2018, an anonymous person won a jackpot of $12,305,243 while playing Jackpot Giant.

Tips You Need To Play Progressive Jackpot Games

These are a few tips that you will need to play and enjoy these games.

  • You need to make sure you aware of the game and the casino's policies. Some casinos have pay-out terms and conditions which state that you have to take your money in installments. For example, you will only be allowed to collect $15,000 every week till the money finishes.
  • You should always have a budget plan. Before playing a game, lay out your plan, know how much you're going to spend, and make sure you do not go overboard. It would help if you also chose games with a high payout percentage; this increases your winning chances.
  • Progressive jackpot games are games of chance/luck. It would help if you had it in mind that the chances of win are very tiny, but the pay-outs are very large.


  • Pay-outs are life-changing.
  • Progressives are random, and it doesn't require a specific combination of symbols.
  • The jackpot prize increases with every bet wagered.


  • Progressive games are games of luck. The chances of winning are very slim.
  • Some casinos give pay-outs in installments, and you may have to wait a year till your money is completed.

It is no doubt that progressive jackpot games are very interesting to play, and the thought of hitting a life-changing jackpot increases the excitement. Make sure to remember to go for the games that you like. Play these games because you like them, not because you want to hit the jackpot. If you have the latter mindset, you are sure to enjoy your gaming experience.

After reading this article, you should be aware of the structure, the pros, and cons, the types of progressive jackpots. You should also know the games to go for and the tips needed to play. Now that you know all these test your luck and try out a progressive jackpot game today!