The casinos compete to propose the most attractive offers and promotions. This time, the Maryland Live has surely surpassed the other venues in the market. Indeed, the casino, located in Hanover, will allow four lucky players to travel freely outer space!

The Hanover Maryland Live Casino is a huge venue proposing over 4,200 slot machines and not less than 189 gaming tables. 7 restaurants are also available for the pleasure of the numerous visitors.

Regularly, the casino announces some offers and promotions to attract the most of curious. The last offer has made some noise. The venue announced that it would let win a free trip to space for four players of the casino. No less!

It is worth knowing that a seat for a trip to space costs nearly $300,000. The casino will take charge of the integrality of the cost, as CBS Baltimore indicates us.

Drawings will be organized every Saturdays of March between 9pm and 11pm and will designate the happy winners that will take part in this trip in 2017.

In order to participate to those drawings, you just need to subscribe and get the Maryland Live! Rewards Card Member. By using this card each time you play in the venue, you are automatically registered for the drawing.

It is another great news: the casinos are going to the infinity and beyond!