Toronto police have recently opened an investigation into illegal gambling and shut down illegal casinos and gaming houses

According to the police, some of the operating illegal casinos in the area of Scarborough could possibly be linked to an Asian organized crime.

The results of the investigation of Andrew Eckland, officer in 42 Division, showed a total of 28 illegal locations. 9 illegal gaming houses and 3 illegal casinos decided to shut down on their own due to the spreading investigation news.

Moreover, this investigation led to the arrests of more than 30 people and to a seizure of $12,250 in cash, $9,000 worth of poker tables, computers and gambling.

However, the issue goes further than just illegal gambling. Indeed, the public safety of the area is threatened: two shootings, several assaults and robberies have been reported until today.

Police fear an increase in violence because of the concentration of such illegal operations. “We are concerned for the safety of community members that live in the area around these locations and we are concerned for those who are attending these locations. There is a criminal element out there that are going to these locations and robbing the people inside.” asserted Eckland.

The officer also wants to warn casino players who are not especially aware that illegal casinos are as big as legal casinos and can contain as much table games and slots machines. They are also well furnished with bars, lounges and massage rooms.