The powerful tycoon Tony Fung, who owns the brand Aquis, has just announced a partnership with two big Chinese investors. Numerous operations will be undertaken thanks to this partnership. It seems that the amazing project of the Great Barrier Reef Resort could possibly be opened in 2018!

The Great Barrier Reef Resort is a gigantic project of a 340,6 ha complex surrounded by an artificial lake of 33 ha.

Located on the beaches of Yorkeys Knob just 15 min from the center of Cairns, in the Australian Queensland, the construction would be estimated over $8,15 billions!

Aiming to be the most attractive touristic destination of Asia-Pacific, the Resort will possess 7,500 rooms in 8 luxury hotels.

One million visitors are expected and will have access, among other things, to casinos, theatres, an aquarium, a convention center and an 18 holes golf course.

However, numerous political party of Queensland were against the project, considered too expensive. Then, unfortunately Tony Fung had to take a step back…

But lately, hopes came back when he announced that he went into a partnership with Tandellen and CCCC International Holding Limited, two strong financial Chinese companies.

Indeed, as indicates, it seems that those two companies are up too invest in the Great Barrier Reef Resort project.

Even if the consortium has no influences on the Great Barrier Reef Resort project, this announcement makes the decision makers to think about this attractive opportunity.

While waiting an official statement, hopes are allowed. That would be great news for all the gambling lovers.

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