For the tenth year in a row, the Palace Casino Biloxi earns the prestigious award rated by the American Automobile Association. This award is really hard to get, and winning it 10 times in a row it is even harder! The luxurious casino doesn’t stop here and intends to go green for the next few years, limiting costs and saving money!

The Palace Casino Biloxi is a prestigious venue located in Southeastern Mississippi. This non-stop gaming resort operates numerous slot machines and tables games.

The guest rooms are spacious and the casino is smoke free and open daily 24/7. Golf, spa and a fitness center are available for visitors. Others opportunities are to be found in the venue.

Thanks to the high quality of its attributes, guest services and amenities the Palace Casino Biloxi conserves the AAA Four Diamonds award.

Only 5.7% of casinos throughout North America, Canada and some in Mexico or Caribbean manage to receive this award!

Great strategies and choices are reasons of this success. Talking about strategy, the Palace Casino decided to innovate by going green.

Indeed, LED lights have been put in the 236 hotel guest rooms. Since October, the casino has already saved 157,000 kilowatts hours of electricity a year. Plus, occupancy sensors will be soon installed in the hotel rooms.

The Palace Casino is also using the Mississippi Power’s Energy Program that provides incentives to promote energy savings.

By reducing the costs, managers can now focus on resources and investments to attract more visitors.

The Palace Casino Biloxi is running in the new road of environmental friendly casinos, is it going to be a new model for other venues?

With its new award and power savings, the casino will surely propose in the future very attractive offers!

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