One of the greatest casinos in Indiana has made some renovations within its boundaries. The improvements create new offers and better spaces for visitors.

The Florence Belterra Casino located in Indiana is one of the most popular casinos of the State.

The venue has 1,200 slot machines, 800-penny machines and numerous gaming tables. The best of all tournaments in Indiana are held in the popular Belterra’s poker room.

In addition to the gaming, the Belterra provides a large restaurant, spa, golf course, a swimming pool and a fitness center. The hotel located within the casino has 600 rooms.

Owned by Pennacle Entertainment, the Belterra Casino has made some amelioration during a 3 years improvement project.

Firstly, the 55,000 square feet of meeting and convention space has been enhanced thanks to new wall features, imported carpets and new seating.

Then, refinements have been done on hotel rooms. Three new restaurants have been built and a fast Internet access is now available.

The investments made the last few years were a great decision.

Indeed, the casino’s results were great during 2014. The casino’s revenues were $108,3 millions dollars, as an increase of 5,5%

Thanks to these renovations and great results the casino will surely make new improvements in the future.

Let us know how the new Florence Belterra Casino looks like now!