The supersonic train of the future, the Hyperloop One, has just realized with success its first public test. It is a crucial step for the final construction of this train that will reach a maximal speed of 745 mph!

Soon, it seems that you will enjoy your favorite Las Vegas casinos much faster that today.

Indeed, the Californian company Hyperloop, created by billionaire Elon musk only 3 years ago, has just done the first public test of its highly fast train.

The test of the electromagnetic propulsion train has been realized Wednesday, 12 of May 2016 in the desert of Nevada. With a size of a car, it reached the speed of 115 mph in 1.1 seconds.

This train is going to revolutionize the transportation in US as well as the whole world. For example, it will be possible to reach Las Vegas from Los Angeles in just 20 minutes!

Obviously, it is great news for all the gambling fans. It will be much easier, and faster, to go on the Las Vegas Strip.

Especially when you know that the ticket is going to cost just around 20 dollars!

According to theguardian, the directors of the American company wish to launch the fret transportation in 2019 and the transportation of individuals in 2021.

The next steps regarding the investments will be crucial to put into service this revolutionary train.

Stay stunned for more fascinating information on the Hyperloop One!