Small throwback on an exceptional moment. The 11th of April 2004, a 32 years-old young English man bets all his money at the roulette…double or quits.

On which colour the ball is going to fall? No matter if we bet $5 or $100, we always feel our heart quickly betting when the croupier says, “ no more bets please”.

Imagine one minute this incredible scenario: you’re a young English man, drinking with your friends at a table in a bar and decide to throw a crazy bet: gamble your whole assets and goods at the roulette, double or quits.

When your friends, a bit tipsy, laugh about the story, you are nonetheless the more serious man in the world. Your life is quite boring; you have no kids, no wife, simply no ties. If you can do it, it is now.

So you decide to sell every goods you possess, your BMW car, your Rolex watch, Golf clubs, your assets etc. You succeed in gathering nearly £77,000.

In a blink of an eye, you are in Las Vegas, at the Plaza Casino & Hotel, in order to double the representation of your life, at the risk of losing everything.

You do not listen your family that tries to dissuade you to continue. You do not give up, no matter what.

A TV crew is following you to immortalise the event.

You are now in front of the Roulette table and you have to choose which colour to bet, black or red. The gaming chips in front of you represent all the winnings of your life.

The croupier throw the ball and instinctively you choose red, with no reasons.

The ball turn, turn, turn…

The time is suspended, the breath is short, your heart won’t stop beating.

Finally…the 7…red.

Congratulations, Champagne, hugs, you have just won double of which represent all your life, so $136,000!

Imagine one minute that this English man would be you. Honestly, would you have done the same?

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