Slot machines have been around for more than 120 years and over this period their popularity has grown considerably. They are now a multi-billion pound industry and loved all over the world.

With jackpot amounts reaching millions with progressive slots, you can potentially change your life with the best strategy. In this article, I will go through all of the things you need to consider so you have the best chance of beating the system.

Slot Machine Basics

There is very little skill required to play slot machines compared with other casino classics such as Blackjack or Poker. Luck is required if you are going to spin in the jackpot but there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances.

The most important aspect when playing slots is that you set a limit on the amount of money your willing to risk and manage your bankroll correctly.

Without doing these two basic things you could get in financial trouble which needs to be avoided at all costs. The best way to do this is by setting playing time and monetary limits per session.

Only Play RNG Slots

It is vital that you search for the safest and best slots that use random number generators.

Make sure that you check that the casino operator holds a certificate to prove that their slot machines use this technology.

By using RNG it means that you are playing on a fair platform that is not fixed in the casino's favor. One of the best places in the UK to find these types of slots is at Maxfreebets.

Slot Payline Betting

One of the best online slots strategies is to bet on as many pay lines as possible, This can be very expensive though so you will need to make sure you stay within your budget.

Depending on the machine you are playing you may be able to adjust the amount you wish to place on each payline.

These are the best to use as it gives you the opportunity to choose the best choice to give you the highest chance of spinning in a big win.

Fixed pay lines can be extremely expensive without the flexibility required to maximise your winning chances.

Welcome Bonuses And Promos

The competition is huge in the online slots industry which has led to many operators offering huge amounts to join as a welcome bonus so that you choose their site over their rivals.

Make sure you take advantage of as many different ones as you can and look out for free spins no deposit promos as these are a no lose situation.

Play For Free

Each different slot machine online has different bonus features. Many of these need a level of skill to win big which is why you need to practice so that you can take advantage of these.

All of the top casino sites will allow the player to play slot games for free and it is something that you should take advantage of before depositing real money. Once you have mastered the game you will be in a great place to win lots of cash.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot slot machine is one that is linked to a network with all bets on machines lined to it adding a small percentage to the jackpot.

Look out for ones that have not paid out in a long time as it means that they could drop anytime soon.


Playing slots at casinos or online should be fun so it is important that you do not take huge financial risks when playing.

Remember that they are a form of entertainment and not a way to make a full-time living.

By following the tips above you will be able to fully enjoy them without getting into financial difficulty and if you are lucky you could win a huge progressive jackpot that will change your life.