Canadians nowadays, much less frequent the physical gaming rooms, preferring online casinos, while external events like quarantine and rapid advancements in technology only contribute to the change.

Many aficionados of gambling, namely roulette and poker, have found an outlet at online casinos. So how many people play at online casinos regularly or occasionally, satisfying their need for adrenaline and a sense of play?

Statistics and Facts of Gambling in Canada

Canada is one of the leaders in the gambling industry. Statistics show that Canadians spend more money on gambling than Americans or Brits. Almost 20 million Canadians play them today.

That said, it's worth bearing in mind that the country's population is 37.59 million. Thanks to such a number of players, Canada is now ranked 8th in the world's online gambling ranking.

The statistics of gambling development from 2011 to 2021 shows that the niche has been relatively stable all the time. There are no big ups and downs, the figures remain roughly at the same level.

Land-based casinos are gradually becoming less popular. All legal gambling establishments in Canada reported a drop in revenue even before the quarantine began. For example, casino revenues in Alberta for 2018-2019 confirm this trend with a 24% drop in profits from offline casinos.

Following the quarantine restrictions, the provincial government decided to launch their own online roulette casino in order to at least stay afloat and continue earning. The same has happened in other provinces as well.

Increased interest in poker

A Google Trends analysis of poker in Canada undeniably proves that there has been an increase in interest in poker among those who weren't keen on the game before.

According to the latest statistics, quarantine measures caused by the coronavirus pandemic have led to increased interest in online table games Vulkan among non-players. Specifically, the number of pokers and roulette-related searches has increased by 87%. Some more statistics:

  • number of searches for "how to bluff" increased by 144% from February 21 to March 22;
  • number of searches for "Texas hold'em" increased by 292% from February 23 to April 28.

All this data just confirms the facts, which were already obvious by the growth of traffic of major online poker rooms. Once again, however, they confirm that online poker and roulette operators are more in demand than ever before.

Reason for the popularity of tournaments

People are social by nature. Everyone needs a company or a hobby club where they can meet like-minded people. That is why all popular games, gamers join together in parties, guilds, and other organizations, and every modern brand has a fan club. The same goes for card games.

They allow competitions against gamers who live hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from each other. Since all games are played in a browser, you don't need to download or install anything. Games are played fairly quickly, so you can easily play for example during your lunch break, taking a break from work.