There are millions of people worldwide that are absolute sports mad. With some it doesn't matter what the sport is, it is the challenge of becoming a winner that is important.

Different countries tend to favor different games football is more popular in Europe and South America since cricket is the most popular game in India and Pakistan. There are games that are as common the world over like tennis but whatever the sports everyone will have an opinion of who is the best and who will win.

At first gaming sites started with simple games and as technology progressed they started to introduce video slots and hundreds of games built on this format have been introduced.

The skill required to play the slot games along with the cool bonus features makes them fun. With provably fair technology which introduced Random Number Selection (RNS) which means all players have an equal chance of winning the jackpot.

The chances of winning playing video slots compared to betting on sports are less as there is almost no skill involved.

However, with progressive jackpot amounts in the hundreds of thousands of pounds, if you are lucky and it spins in, your life could change overnight.

With huge competition in the slot space, the bonuses on offers are a great way to winning lots of money without taking any risks. Most of the top sites in the United-Kingdom such as SlotSino Casino have promotions such as 50 free spins with no deposit requirements.

The introduction of sports betting sites has made all the difference to those of us who love our sport and consider we know a little about it.

Take football, for instance, people who watch and know the players and managers have a good chance of forecasting the correct outcome for a game and if they place a bet on then the whole experience is improved and makes you feel like you are part of that team.

The same applies to tennis, basketball, horse racing and any myriad of games that are constantly being televised.

In some ways, it is learning how to use statistics to pick a team and spotting undervalued betting opportunities.

Comparing what tactics are going to be used, are they the right ones, how many of us think we know better than the manager most of us but will we bet on the other team if we think he (or she) has got it wrong.

It just makes the game or match that much more fun, the bet doesn't have to be huge but unlike video slots, it is your knowledge and expertise you are using and not just luck.


I would say if you have no interest in sports then bet on video slot machines, but if like me you enjoy sporting contests then try out a sports betting site and put your knowledge to the test.

For both always look out for special promotions to use such as risk-free bets and free spins. It is the best way to try the gambling site out first without risking your own money