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Set up in Spielbank Casino Berlin, the 2015 edition of the World Series of Poker Europe have been pretty much disappointing in terms of participation. Indeed, the Main Event got together only 313 gamblers, which is far behind the usual standards. Many personalities complained about the weather conditions, which would explain the lack of motivation of some to be part of it. If you didn't get the chance to keep up with the proceedings of the tournaments, here are some of the significant results:

-Kevin MacPhee won at the Main Event for total of €883,000 and a second WSOP bracelet

-Victory of the Quebecker Jonathan Duhamel on a French-speaking Heads Up against the Belgian Davidi Kitaî during the High Roller (€554,000 for the winner, 342,000 for the runner up).

-A previously unseen Greek hat-trick with three victories on events #3, #6 and #8

  1. EPT Malta

    The British Niall Phrarell succeeds Jean Montury by winning the Main Event and left with €500,000. The High Roller, at a 25,000-euro stake, has been won by the Canadian Mc Donald. Minor deception on the part of the French, Benjamin Pollak and Sylvain Loosli, who had expected to do well during this TF, ranked 7th and 8th place.

  1. Phil Hellmuth gives up the "November Niner" Federico Butteroni

While he was supposed to coach the Italian man the week before the year's largest Poker event (the TF of WSOP Main Events), Phil Hellmuth, the 14-bracelet owner gave up at the last moment. He announced on Twitter to his old trainee that he had a proposition from ESPN to comment live the finals of this table which he couldn't reject. To avoid any conflict of interests, he decided to draw back. One man's meat is another man's poison. For information, know that Hellmuth misspelled the Italian man's name four times when writing his tweets, calling him Frederico instead of Federico. Huge bummer.

  1. Between drug and Poker, there is only one step

Pokerlisting investigated into the most widespread drugs in the poker world. You will find out that many famous players of the Tour are regularly and illegally using them. Aderall, Viagra, Cocaine, food supplements... the consumption is reported to improve focus of some players.

  1. Elky and Daniel Negreanu at the Blizzcon

According to "Frodan", the famous events caster Hearthtone, the two Poker superstars, Bertrand Grospellier "Elky" and Daniel Negreanu "KidPoker" will be there to parade their gambling knowledge at the Blizzcon, in the USA. Big fan of gambling, they are reported to confront each other in a Dantean battle in front of a large audience on November 7 and 8. If you are unable to go there, know that a livestream will be broadcasted on the Event's website.